5 top trends revolutionizing the way brands develop, produce and market fashion

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5 Digital Trends Transforming Fashion in 2016

Revolutionize the way you develop, produce and market fashion

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The impact of the digital apparel revolution

How technology adoption can make you more efficient, save time & money, and create better products

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The Digital Apparel Revolution has arrived and technology is providing new opportunities for the fashion industry to be faster, more efficient and more accessible to consumers. Innovations such as 3D visualization and printing, wearable technology and increase of mobile usage are helping brands and retailers improve speed and quality, maximize revenues, create the right products for consumers and maintain an innovative and competitive edge.

If a business wants to keep up with the fast-fashion world, they need to step into the digital realm already from the product development stage. It's important to make sure you have the time to learn the technology and really implement into the future of the business to stay creative, innovative and keep ahead.

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Tel Aviv-Yafo · Health Care Information Technology Sep ’12 18 Signal3 SCREEMO SCREEMO Interactive Experience as a Service Tel Aviv-Yafo · Advertising Platforms Dec ’12 19 Signal3 Moonscape Ventures Moonscape Ventures Tel Aviv-Yafo Sep ’14 11 Signal3 Yallo Yallo Reimagine the phone call Tel Aviv-Yafo · Telecommunications Feb ’15 8 Signal3 Sckipio Technologies Sckipio Technologies Ramat Gan · Semiconductors Aug ’14 3 Signal3 VIEW JOBS DialMyApp DialMyApp Dialed phone number becomes business web application Israel · Germany Jun ’15 2 Signal3 LogDog LogDog Protect your online accounts from hackers Tel Aviv-Yafo · Cyber Security Feb ’15 8 Signal3 Bits of Gold Bits of Gold Bitcoin financial infrastructure made by pros. Tel Aviv-Yafo · P2P Money Transfer Sep ’13 46 Signal3 Nogeno Nogeno Connecting Musicians & Audience Israel · Music Mar ’11 25 Signal3 PharmPool PharmPool Drug therapies optimization Tel Aviv-Yafo · Mobile Health Sep ’15 4 Signal3 Credible Credible Increase Financial Inclusion through alternative credit scoring Tel Aviv-Yafo · Consumer Lending Oct ’15 12 Signal3 Cohaico Cohaico What people say about things Israel · Reviews and Recommendations Jun ’11 34 Signal3 TellMyNeighbors TellMyNeighbors SIMPLE Micro-businesses online advertising Tel Aviv-Yafo · Web Presence Management Apr ’14 9 Signal3 Hotelcloud Hotelcloud We build concierge applications for hotels, serviced apartments and corporations Tel Aviv-Yafo · Hospitality Jan ’16 9 Signal3 Mediscale Mediscale Helping Doctors Make The Right Decision Tel Aviv-Yafo · Personal Health Mar ’11 37 Signal3 NUA Robotics NUA Robotics Transforming objects into smart robots. Israel · Robotics Jul ’16 5 Signal3 Saguna Networks Saguna Networks Mobile RAN content delivery system Haifa · Telecommunications Nov ’11 19 Signal3 Hunter & Bard Hunter & Bard Ogilvy for startups Palo Alto · B2B Jan ’13 8 Signal3 BuzzSpice BuzzSpice BuzzSpice automates Facebook marketing Hod Hasharon · Small and Medium Businesses Apr ’13 10 Signal3 Radware Radware Tel Aviv-Yafo · Cloud Data Services Jan ’13 45 Signal3 VIEW JOBS Mapped In Israel Mapped In Israel The Israeli Startup Map Tel Aviv-Yafo · Startups Aug ’12 26 Signal3 Viola Private Equity Viola Private Equity Viola PE is a technology growth capital and buyout fund Israel · Technology Jul ’14 6 Signal3 PlayArt Labs PlayArt Labs High-End Cultural Games for families. Tel Aviv-Yafo · B2B Oct ’12 13 Signal3 Ku Ku Ku is the best way to share your moments and thoughts on a beautiful designed note Tel Aviv-Yafo · Blogging Platforms Dec ’13 9 Signal3 Moburst Moburst A Mobile Success Agency New York City · Mobile Advertising May ’15 22 Signal3 VIEW JOBS 40Nuggets 40Nuggets The Right Message at the Right Time Israel · Big Data Analytics Nov ’14 8 Signal3 GradTrain GradTrain Curated marketplace for moving abroad Jerusalem · Curated Web Sep ’15 6 Signal3 Stacksight Stacksight operational insights for opensource applications Israel · Open Source Jun ’16 3 Signal3 udobu udobu Revenue Optimization for Live Sports & Entertainment Tel Aviv-Yafo · Ticketing Oct ’12 13 Signal3 Solvesting Solvesting Invest without borders Tel Aviv-Yafo · Emerging Markets Aug ’14 20 Signal3 Echo Echo Echo: Collective playlist curation Tel Aviv-Yafo · Android Mar ’14 22 Signal3 Routier Routier Enageg via Wi-Fi Tel Aviv-Yafo · Advertising Platforms Nov ’14 12 Signal3 Practi Practi Plug n' Play OmniChannel ToolBox for SMBs Tel Aviv-Yafo · Enterprise Resource Planning Sep ’13 9 Signal3 VIEW JOBS WakeApp WakeApp Morning Just Got Better Tel Aviv-Yafo · Utilities Aug ’15 7 Signal3 Stiya Stiya Everyone is a Brand Ambassador. Automatically. Sunnyvale · Realtors Sep ’15 20 Signal3 Leuko Tech Leuko Tech Contact Lenses With Disappearing Ink that are Better, Friendlier & Safer Tel Aviv-Yafo · Medical Devices Mar ’12 30 Signal3 Stylift Stylift Everyone's Personal Shopper Tel Aviv-Yafo · Lifestyle Products Mar ’13 16 Signal3 Pzartech Pzartech 3D Printing one-stop-shop platform Tel Aviv-Yafo · 3D Printing May ’14 15 Signal3 VisibleBee VisibleBee DIY content optimization Tel Aviv-Yafo · SEO Jun ’15 7 Signal3 babacode babacode Reinventing the shopping experience Israel · Mobile Payments Feb ’15 11 Signal3 SwarmBuild SwarmBuild A market for hardware engineering, design and manufacture Tel Aviv-Yafo · Manufacturing Oct ’14 14 Signal3 A.I.type A.I.type Saves the trouble of entering text in mobile devices Israel · Productivity Software Nov ’11 30 Signal3 sPwn sPwn Supercharge eSports streamers Tel Aviv-Yafo · Video Streaming May ’14 8 Signal3 Gallumba Gallumba Google maps for day-traders Haifa · Trading Jun ’15 8 Signal3 SolidPeak SolidPeak Better community communication Jerusalem · Religion Aug ’15 10 Signal3 Tag&Find Tag&Find Track your valuables with a Smartphone Haifa · Gadget Nov ’13 16 Signal3 MemoCards MemoCards E-Learning Platform for Language Schools Tel Aviv-Yafo · Language Learning Feb ’12 33 Signal3 Wyzli Wyzli Parenting made easier (Houzz) Tel Aviv-Yafo · Content Discovery Mar ’14 9 Signal3 Reach Reach Google for People Search Tel Aviv-Yafo · Location Based Services Mar ’15 16 Signal3 RayGo RayGo A "handsfree for apps" based on technology developed for the blind Tel Aviv-Yafo · Messaging Apr ’15 10 Signal3 Salient Eye Salient Eye Turns your smartphone into a security system Tel Aviv-Yafo · Home Safety Sep ’15 6 Signal3 Vecoy Nanomedicines Vecoy Nanomedicines Vecoy Nanomedicines develops a groundbreaking technology for treatment of viral infections Ramat Gan · Nanotechnology Dec ’11 44 Signal3 VRealtual VRealtual Automation of 3D modelong software Tel Aviv-Yafo · Real Estate Technology Jul ’15 11 Signal3 LogDog LogDog Anti Hacking Protection Tel Aviv-Yafo · Android May ’15 2 Signal3 Advanced Dating Platform / company Advanced Dating Platform / company Advanced Dating Platform / company Tel Aviv-Yafo · Online Dating Oct ’12 13 Signal3 BrighTap BrighTap BrighTap IOT water meter sensor Israel · Water Jul ’15 7 Signal3 HearMeOut HearMeOut Twitter for Voice Israel · Sharing Voice Jul ’15 6 Signal3 Fitterli Fitterli Affordable and accurate 3D Bodyscanning technology Haifa · Fitness Oct ’14 11 Signal3 mmuze mmuze We make messaging the leading sales channel for e-commerce businesses Tel Aviv-Yafo · Messaging Apr ’15 6 Signal3 C-Tower C-Tower Full 360 security camera for cars Israel · Connected Cars Jul ’15 7 Signal3 GamEffective GamEffective Enterprise Gamification Platform for Sales, Service and eLearning Tel Aviv-Yafo · Gamification Apr ’13 13 Signal3 AweVid AweVid Multiplayer live broadcasting Israel · Video Streaming Oct ’14 7 Signal3 Niio Niio Bringing premium 4K digital art from creator to market to screen. Tel Aviv-Yafo · Artists Globally Sep ’15 9 Signal3 Assembrix Assembrix SaaS solutions for additive manufacturing Tel Aviv-Yafo · Manufacturing Mar ’16 7 Signal3 Scoompa Scoompa Creating mobile apps that users love Tel Aviv-Yafo · Mobile Apr ’14 7 Signal3 ATPlabs ATPlabs Happy Plants Everywhere Tel Aviv-Yafo · Internet of Things Apr ’15 10 Signal3 ALGOVISION ALGOVISION Distruptive Image-Match Engine to Become the Google of Visual Search Tel Aviv-Yafo · Real Estate Aug ’15 6 Signal3 Pulse Play Pulse Play Pulse Play is a smartwatch for racket sports built by a three-time Grand Slam champ. Israel · Sports Nov ’15 11 Signal3 Infinity Leap Infinity Leap Open News & Community platform for emmerging technologies Israel · Augmented Reality Sep ’15 12 Signal3 SkyTrails SkyTrails Computer vision drone navigational platform Tel Aviv-Yafo · Computer Vision Jun ’14 48 Signal3 Slider Slider Slider - community sharing of private WiFi, meaning a lot less wasted data Tel Aviv-Yafo · Mobile Application Jan ’16 4 Signal3 Coupick Coupick The Ultimate Coupon Discovery Engine Israel · Content Discovery Feb ’15 4 Signal3 Nooly Nooly Nooly predicts the exact minute rain will start anywhere in the US and Canada! Israel · Location Based Services Nov ’11 49 Signal3 Roundforest Roundforest Empowering consumers with big data solutions Tel Aviv-Yafo · Germany Jun ’14 15 Signal3 BitBite BitBite Wearable for Healthier Eating Tel Aviv-Yafo · Dietary Supplements Jan ’15 15 Signal3 Skyx Skyx Agriculture Spraying Drones Israel · Drones Aug ’16 4 Signal3 Inspecto Inspecto Pesticides detection in food Tel Aviv-Yafo · Food Tech Nov ’16 1 Signal3 We-test We-test Online, Self-service professional crowd testing service Tel Aviv-Yafo · Mobile Games Oct ’15 6 Signal3 MultiDine, Touch. Taste. Discover. MultiDine, Touch. Taste. Discover. Bringing Big Data to Restaurants to provide the best customer experience possible! Tel Aviv-Yafo · Restaurants Jul ’12 48 Signal3 Meezi Meezi Meeting up made easy! Tel Aviv-Yafo · Mobile Jan ’14 8 Signal3 Project-RAY Project-RAY Mobile accessibility tool for the Visually Impaired Israel · Medical Devices May ’11 48 Signal3 Patio Patio Group decisions made easy Tel Aviv-Yafo Apr ’13 7 Signal3 chatrbox chatrbox Waze for car like Chatrbox for TV Israel · Messaging Mar ’15 7 Signal3 aDrone aDrone Tel Aviv-Yafo Dec ’15 14 Signal3 GAMEin30 GAMEin30 Instant Game and Game Messaging Tel Aviv-Yafo · Messaging Jul ’15 5 Signal3 Grippity Grippity Handheld Input reinvented Israel · Consumer Electronics Nov ’11 54 Signal3 Molecula Maxima Molecula Maxima Synthetic Biology tools for Software Developers Israel · Synthetic Biology Aug ’15 8 Signal3 Anai green anaigreen@gmail.com Anai green anaigreen@gmail.com 3D modeling games for children on touch platforms, enabling 3D printing Tel Aviv-Yafo · Kids Sep ’15 3 Signal3 Animation Cowboy Animation Cowboy Animating Brands Israel · B2B Oct ’15 3 Signal3 xpos.it xpos.it Go from design to execution, fast. Tel Aviv-Yafo · Web Design Dec ’15 6 Signal3 SafePeak SafePeak Immediate plug & play performance acceleration Israel · Databases Oct ’11 21 Signal3 Anan Computing Anan Computing We don't generate logs, we generate action Haifa · Big Data Analytics Feb ’14 14 Signal3 Weepo Weepo Swipe, Chat and meet Tonight Tel Aviv-Yafo · Startups Jul ’14 11 Signal3 VIEW JOBS VivoText VivoText Creative Digital Speech for Entertainment and Communication Israel · Entertainment Industry Apr ’14 8 Signal3 DrinkedIn DrinkedIn Bringing Happy Hour to the World Tel Aviv-Yafo · Wine And Spirits Jan ’14 18 Signal3 Culinote Culinote Simply a better way to write a food blog. Tel Aviv-Yafo · Blogging Platforms Jun ’15 19 Signal3 Wizer.Me Wizer.Me Digital worksheet creator Tel Aviv-Yafo · K-12 Education Jul ’16 7 Signal3 Via Surgical Via Surgical Suture in a heartbeat Israel · Medical Devices Mar ’15 6 Signal3 Shopic Shopic Tel Aviv-Yafo · Retail Jan ’15 5 Signal3 WeFind WeFind Great talent exists in your user base. Let's find it. Tel Aviv-Yafo · Recruiting May ’16 5 Signal2 VIEW JOBS WeKast WeKast Instant Wireless Presentation - plug & play on any TV or projector Tel Aviv-Yafo · Internet of Things May ’14 13 Signal2 ReplyAll ReplyAll Conversation Platform for Content Creators Jerusalem · Blogging Platforms Aug ’13 21 Signal2 Win Win Social game company backed by bwin.party (LSE: BPTY) Tel Aviv-Yafo · Mobile Games Mar ’15 2 Signal2 token payments token payments Making payment fraud a thing of the past Tel Aviv-Yafo · Data Security Oct ’16 6 Signal2 Littleboat Littleboat Discover and share fascinating content for your kids Tel Aviv-Yafo · Location Based Services Feb ’15 3 Signal2 MedPal Health Solutions MedPal Health Solutions Medication compliance & adherence solutions Tel Aviv-Yafo · Medication Adherence Oct ’12 26 Signal2 Toya - Play a Difference Toya - Play a Difference Create role models for girls through digital games Tel Aviv-Yafo · Kids May ’16 3 Signal2 Groopmeup Groopmeup GroupUp with people locally and globally based on your interests. Tel Aviv-Yafo · Networking Aug ’13 11 Signal2 Rentals Force Rentals Force Scalable property management system designed by industry professionals Tel Aviv-Yafo · Property Management May ’15 6 Signal2 Social Paragraph Social Paragraph Odesk meets Kickstarter for Academic Translations Tel Aviv-Yafo · Crowdfunding Apr ’13 47 Signal2 Tech Lounge Tech Lounge Tech Lounge is the first tech accelerator program for High School students. Tel Aviv-Yafo · Young Entrepreneurs Oct ’15 6 Signal2 TAKO TAKO TAKO IS THE UNIVERSAL LINK BETWEEN YOUR FILES, APPLICATIONS AND YOUR DEVICES Israel · Virtualization May ’13 11 Signal2 ClarityRay ClarityRay ClarityRay helps publishers and networks identify and prevent ad-fraud. Tel Aviv-Yafo · Fraud Detection Aug ’14 4 Signal2 PassionAnt PassionAnt Adding collaboration to content Tel Aviv-Yafo · Crowdsourcing Aug ’13 11 Signal2 UniBuddy UniBuddy Student platform for facebook. Tel Aviv-Yafo · Social Media Platforms Jan ’12 33 Signal2 MyleFly MyleFly Loyalty Pays Tel Aviv-Yafo · E-Commerce Platforms Mar ’12 64 Signal2 AppMyDay AppMyDay Creating unique event experiences Tel Aviv-Yafo · Social Media Platforms Jan ’13 32 Signal2 CourtReader CourtReader Reader For Net Hamishpat Tel Aviv-Yafo · Legal Jul ’13 11 Signal2 TAVtech: Code for the Planet TAVtech: Code for the Planet Tel Aviv-Yafo Mar ’16 4 Signal2 Global Intelligent Logistics Services Global Intelligent Logistics Services Transforming the Logistics Industry Israel · Logistics Jul ’11 48 Signal2 Cloudinary Cloudinary Image management in the cloud Israel · Web Development Jan ’14 28 Signal2 VIEW JOBS Datovo Datovo Life. Business. Simplified Jerusalem · Personal Data Jan ’15 17 Signal2 noSolo noSolo Real-time activity finder, share cool experiences with people around you Tel Aviv-Yafo · Active Lifestyle Jun ’15 2 Signal2 MDAlgorithms MDAlgorithms Disrupting Mobile Health; starting with Acne. New Haven · Mobile Health May ’16 10 Signal2 StarTau- T.A.U Entrepreneurship Center StarTau- T.A.U Entrepreneurship Center The largest startup eco-system in Israel Tel Aviv-Yafo · Startups Aug ’12 33 Signal2 Compoze Music Solutions Compoze Music Solutions Disrupt Written Music Creation & Consumption Tel Aviv-Yafo · Music Education May ’14 16 Signal2 Y55 Happiness Trainer Y55 Happiness Trainer Your daily personalised happyville. Tel Aviv-Yafo · Working Professionals Oct ’14 13 Signal2 MarketSquare MarketSquare Agri commerce, done right! Israel · Usa Mar ’16 2 Signal2 Folloyu Folloyu Driving Multi-Screen customer engagement Israel · Games Oct ’11 41 Signal2 Mobiright Mobiright Better engage users and monetize traffic throughout the mobile web Tel Aviv-Yafo · Predictive Analytics Dec ’13 11 Signal2 Pixoneye Pixoneye Image Understanding for Digital Marketing Tel Aviv-Yafo · Advertising Exchanges Mar ’15 16 Signal2 2wed 2wed Wedding Websites Tel Aviv-Yafo · Weddings Jun ’12 12 Signal2 Sling (acquired) Sling (acquired) Empowerings underserved micro-merchants through frictionless mobile finance Tel Aviv-Yafo · Retail Technology Sep ’14 16 Signal2 Indoorgo Navigation Systems Indoorgo Navigation Systems We develop indoor location based intelligence system. Israel · Location Based Services May ’11 48 Signal2 Stix Stix Reinventing the social game experience for the mobile generation Tel Aviv-Yafo · Mobile Games Apr ’12 23 Signal2 Tweegee.com Tweegee.com Global Social Media Platform for Kids age 6-12 Israel · Argentina Apr ’14 4 Signal2 U-Sophia U-Sophia Music-driven social media Tel Aviv-Yafo · Social Media Platforms Jun ’15 3 Signal2 Keepgo Keepgo Mobile data operator with global coverage at local prices Tel Aviv-Yafo · Internet of Things Dec ’13 8 Signal2 MOROVUS MOROVUS SAAS platform for upgrading Websites into Journeys Tel Aviv-Yafo · Social Media Platforms May ’13 27 Signal2 Tempi.do Tempi.do Tempi.do is the Airbnb for temp employees Tel Aviv-Yafo · Employment Jun ’14 4 Signal2 Splitty Splitty A unique hotel booking method Tel Aviv-Yafo · Online Reservations Sep ’15 5 Signal2 BeeFM BeeFM Social Music Experience Tel Aviv-Yafo · Music Oct ’12 16 Signal2 Shmoogle-it Shmoogle-it Tel Aviv-Yafo Sep ’13 3 Signal2 WeTrip WeTrip Personalizing travel information - Pandora for travel. Tel Aviv-Yafo · Location Based Services Apr ’12 15 Signal2 MayaJo MayaJo Video Cooking Catalog Tel Aviv-Yafo · Consumers May ’12 15 Signal2 FlockMiner FlockMiner Your Team. Their Crowd. Your Company. Jerusalem · Productivity Software Oct ’13 8 Signal2 Fundz Fundz Jerusalem May ’15 2 Signal2 noviQr noviQr Improving chronic patients lives by manging their nutrition and treatment Tel Aviv-Yafo · Specialty Foods May ’16 2 Signal2 Spikko (AudioGate Technologies) Spikko (AudioGate Technologies) personal communication dashboard, anywhere you are Israel · VoIP Sep ’11 21 Signal2 Numbeez Numbeez Your To-Know List Tel Aviv-Yafo · Social Media Platforms May ’13 13 Signal2 Angiologist Angiologist Vascular Medicine Portal Jerusalem · Health Care Aug ’12 13 Signal2 iBario iBario Connect. Engage. Convert Israel Dec ’14 1 Signal2 specdox specdox Project Management Made Simple Tel Aviv-Yafo · User Experience Design Oct ’15 3 Signal2 Inka Robotics Inka Robotics Autonomous Tattooing Robot Haifa · Robotics Jul ’16 6 Signal2 VideoDubber VideoDubber Automated dubbing cloud service Tel Aviv-Yafo · Broadcasting May ’15 6 Signal2 HeartBeat Technologies HeartBeat Technologies Application that measures your heart’s performance Haifa · Medical Jan ’14 1 Signal2 VIEW JOBS CasaVersa CasaVersa Home exchange with no annual fee Tel Aviv-Yafo · Families May ’14 11 Signal2 Endymed medical Endymed medical New York City · Medical Devices May ’16 3 Signal2 Traido Traido Proffesional trading made simple Tel Aviv-Yafo · Startups Jul ’13 21 Signal2 MedPal Health Solutions MedPal Health Solutions Remote patients support platform Tel Aviv-Yafo · Consumer Behavior Jan ’14 6 Signal2 Gaonic Gaonic Wisdom of Things Israel · Internet of Things Jan ’15 6 Signal2 Correlata Solutions Correlata Solutions THE FIRST COLLABORATIVE IT PLATFORM FOR BUSINESS LEADERS Israel · SaaS Feb ’14 6 Signal2 Routier Routier increases engagement & revenues over Wi-Fi Tel Aviv-Yafo · Location Based Services Feb ’15 7 Signal2 check-ER check-ER First and only centralized system for Emergency Room patients to get current wait-times Tel Aviv-Yafo · mHealth Jul ’15 9 Signal2 Skedook Skedook Skedook is the personal events guide Tel Aviv-Yafo · Location Based Services Jun ’12 18 Signal2 INNOBI INNOBI INNOBI™ helps its users to track competitors and Stay in the Loop! Tel Aviv-Yafo · iPad Dec ’12 12 Signal2 IndiCorp IndiCorp Independent businesses. Corporate Scale. Tel Aviv-Yafo · Mobile Commerce Sep ’15 5 Signal2 Obsesh Obsesh Show-and-tell for makeup Cleveland · Beauty Apr ’11 33 Signal2 Roojoom Roojoom The Customer Journey Management Platform Tel Aviv-Yafo · Marketing Automation Dec ’16 18 Signal2 Tok Media International Tok Media International The Social Opinion Network Jerusalem · Social Media Marketing Dec ’13 7 Signal2 EFA EFA The first FIFA E-sport league San Francisco · Fantasy Sports Aug ’15 7 Signal2 Gamba Gamez Gamba Gamez The video-content monetization and engagement platform Jerusalem · Monetization Jul ’13 5 Signal2